Weathering Steel

Save money and protect the environment.

Discover the many benefits of naturally-weathering steel.

Big R’s Prefabricated Bridges are available in custom-painted, galvanized, metalized or naturally-weathering finishes. Weathering steel contains elements that allow it to form a protective coating or patina when properly exposed to the atmosphere.


Many bridge engineers and specifiers choose weathering steel for its environmental performance and economical benefits:

  • Reduced toxic emissions
    No oil-based coating is used, which reduces emissions of volatile organic compounds.
  • No contaminated blast debris in habitats
    Because the steel is not painted, no periodic maintenance blasting is required.
  • Cost savings of 10% or more initially and even more over the life of the structure
    No painting and steel’s durability mean reduced costs.
  • Long life and high performance
    Weathering Steel has been used on bridges for many decades and performs well in most environments.