Strong, versatile and environmentally-responsible forestry industry sector solutions.

Save time and money with Big R's efficient infrastructure.

Progressive operators rely on Big R’s solutions for their forestry industry sector infrastructure requirements. That’s because Big R has over 45 years of experience in the sector and we understand your need to remain competitive and environmentally-responsible.

Supporting your success
From larger river crossings to the smallest drainage pipe, Big R can help you save time and money in providing safe, practical work sites for your employees. And, those savings can sharpen your competitive edge in the forestry industry sector.

Infrastructure for remote locations
By design, our custom solutions are easy to ship and install with minimal equipment and local labor, making them ideal for remote locations in the forestry industry sector. There’s no need for specialized bridge construction companies and most solutions do not require concrete pours.

Environmentally-responsible solutions
Our wide-span designs offer excellent open-flow hydraulics and fish passage properties with minimal impact on stream habitat. Plus, they are made from long-lasting, low-maintenance steel – one of the world’s most-recycled and most-recyclable materials.

Save time and money on your next forestry infrastructure project
Contact your nearest Big R Technical Sales Representative to learn more about saving time and money with our efficient infrastructure solutions for virtually every application in the forestry industry sector.


  • Box Culverts

    Box Culverts are the perfect solution for long-span, low-rise situations with shallow cover requirements in the forestry industry sector.

  • Bridges

    Our Prefabricated Bridges are economical and efficient choices for permanent or temporary applications in the forestry industry sector. They install quickly and can even be redeployed.

  • Bridge Abutments

    Smart forestry industry sector professionals specify our cost-effective Vist-A-Wall Wire Walls or Bolt-A-Bin Walls for their on-site abutments.

  • Drainage

    We offer a full range of Corrugated Steel Pipe in various performance coatings for a wide array of forestry industry sector drainage requirements.

  • Fish Passages

    Our integrated fish baffle inserts, open-bottom culvert designs and prefabricated bridges are all effective solutions to preserve habitat in the forestry industry sector.

  • Headwalls and Wingwalls

    Vist-A-Wall Wire Walls create cost-effective on-site headwall and wingwall solutions for the forestry industry sector. Choose geotextile or natural stone at the face.

  • Pipes and Culverts

    We offer a variety of solutions, including arches with integrated metal footings – a product developed exclusively for the forestry industry sector.

  • Retaining Walls

    Vist-A-Wall Wire Walls and Bolt-A-Bin, a cellular bin-type of retaining wall system, provide economical solutions for the forestry industry sector.

  • Water and Wetland Crossings

    We offer a variety of open-bottom solutions in Structural Plate to suit many sizes and types of applications. Our Prefabricated Bridges are also environmentally-friendly solutions to preserve habitat.


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