Colleges and Universities

A partner committed to sustainable and connected campus expansion.

When it comes to the unique demands of campus construction, Big R Bridge has the experience and expertise. We have worked with Universities across the country to provide safe, reliable, and historic solutions. Whether it’s a pedestrian bridge to the stadium or providing new vehicular access to parking during campus expansion, Big R Bridge has done it all.

Let’s create something your community will be proud of

A new bridge brings a community together and makes a very visual impact. It’s an opportunity to pay tribute to Alumni legacy, reflect architectural styles and create a notable focal point. Our Signature Bridge design teams are accustomed to working with communities to capture their essence in stunning designs.

Do it for much less than you’d think
As your design-build partner, we’ll flatten the process and reduce your need for specialized, and costly, site-built bridge construction companies. Our in-house engineering team is licensed in 44 states and we have over 20 bridge solution professionals ready to serve you. Plus, we have the facilities to build large projects in a factory controlled environment. Bridges are often installed in just one or two days.


  • Box Culverts

    Box Culverts are the perfect solution for long-span, low-rise situations with shallow cover requirements. Big R offers many different configurations in Box Culverts.

  • Bridges

    AIL’s custom design/build Prefabricated Steel Bridges are economical and efficient choices that ship and install easily for permanent or temporary applications.

  • Bridge Abutments, Headwalls and Wingwalls

    Our Vist-A-Wall MSE Structural Wall Systems and Bolt-A-Bin System create cost-effective on-site abutments and walls for infrastructure applications.

  • Drainage

    Choose from round or pipe arch shapes. Materials include steel, aluminum and smoothwall pipe.

  • Grade Separations, Overpasses and Underpasses

    Choose our deep-corrugated Ultra•Cor and Super•Cor Arches and Box Culverts for larger applications. Choose Bolt-A-Plate for medium and smaller ones.

  • Pedestrian Crossings

    From the smallest trail bridge to expansive enclosed urban pedways, we have prefabricated pedestrian bridge solutions for virtually every application.

  • Pipes and Culverts

    Specify Bolt-A-Plate for larger and mid-size applications and Corrugated Steel Pipe for smaller ones.

  • Retaining Walls

    These historically-proven, cost-effective systems have minimal equipment and labor requirements and are easy to install with local crews and equipment. They adapt well to curves, angles and steps, and some can reach heights of over 100'.

  • Sound Barrier Walls

    Our lightweight and easy-to-install Sound Wall Systems are engineered for maximum noise reduction of environmental or ambient noise such as road, rail or industrial noise.

  • Stormwater Management

    Our turn-key, engineered stormwater detention and stormwater retention systems are versatile, scalable and adaptable for applications like parking lots and campuses.


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