• February 25th, 2016

Big R Special Presentation at MassDOT Innovation + Tech Transfer Exchange

Big R Bridge will be giving a special presentation at…

Capabilities and Design Considerations for Flexible Buried Bridges
Joel Hahm, Senior Engineer, Big R Bridge
Concurrent Session #5, 9:00am -10:15am, March 9

Learn the advantages of buried bridges and when to consider them.
This presentation will outline the design process for flexible buried bridges, highlight key design inputs, and demonstrate the advantages of using them as alternatives to traditional bridges. Topics will also include: an introduction to AASHTO LRFD design requirements, materials, foundations, fabrication, load rating, construction, maintenance and recent project case studies.

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Discover the benefits of buried arch bridges

Buried arch bridge use is increasing greatly
Structural plate buried structures have been in use for over 80 years. Over the past 40 years, their use has increased significantly throughout the US and worldwide — particularly in hydraulic crossing and grade separation applications, where small- to medium-span traditional bridges were typically used.

Longer spans, heavier loads, and higher covers
This has been made possible by industry advancements in design and analysis tools, manufacturing capabilities, materials, and development of deeper corrugation profiles that allow for longer spans, heavier loads, and higher covers.

Lower installed costs than conventional bridges
Popular in Accelerated Bridge Construction programs, their benefits to the transportation industry include: lower installed costs, increased security through redundant systems, lower inspection/maintenance costs and less environmental impact.

Improved aesthetics
Flexible buried bridges are an attractive alternative to traditional span bridges with improved aesthetics through gracefully arching shapes and a wide variety of architectural end treatments.

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