• September 15th, 2008

Big R Bridge announces 400-foot clear-span Tunable Bridge

Big R Bridge announced today its patented Tunable Bridge, a cost-effective solution to providing clear-spans up to 400 feet.

Kenzie McPherson, President of Big R Bridge said, “This revolutionary steel bridge system will open up the market for clear spans up to 400 ft. These are easy to install, lightweight and very attractive. This ability to “tune” loads reduces costs, making long-span steel bridges more affordable.”

The Tunable Bridge™ combines a three-hinged tied arch with a standard steel truss bridge. “The steel trusses are installed just like our standard bridges, simple-spanning from abutment to abutment or pier to pier,” says Kenzie. “The steel trusses support the structure’s dead load, plus a small uniform construction load. Once the dead loads are applied, the tied-arch is attached by way of adjustable tension hanger rods. By tightening nuts attached to the rods, the bridge can be adjusted or ‘tuned’, balancing the live and dead between the arch and the steel truss system.”

Big R Bridge is well known for its innovative steel bridge structures. In 2007, the National Steel Bridge Alliance honored the company for its significant contribution to innovative steel bridge design. Based in Greeley, Colorado, Big R Bridge has over 35 years experience fabricating steel bridge products from simple culverts to structural bridge systems

Big R Bridge is part of the AIL Group of Companies, which includes T & B Structural Systems, Atlantic Industries Limited, Atlantic Civil Products, and AIL International. Based in Dorchester, New Brunswick, Canada, AIL has been providing innovative solutions in corrugated steel, bridges, and retaining walls since 1965.

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