• November 30th, 2012

Big R Accelerated Bridge takes it outside at NSBA Forum

The National Steel Bridge Alliance (NSBA) recently conducted a forum at the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) in Denver, CO. Big R’s Aaron Clauson, PE, gave a presentation on Accelerated Bridge Construction techniques and benefits to about 70 attendees from local engineering firms and the FHWA.

Over lunch, participants were asked to step outside for a close-up look at an actual Vehicular Bridge Module that Big R displayed for the event.

By all accounts the Forum was a great success and everyone gained a better appreciation for the efficiencies of Accelerated Bridge Construction.

“The presentations were excellent and to have an actual ABC bridge displayed was very beneficial to the group.”
– Matt Greer, Bridge Engineer, Federal Highways Administration

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Big R’s Aaron Clauson, PE, presents to the National Association of County Engineers. Video courtesy of the Short Span Steel Bridge Alliance.