• April 14th, 2014

AREMA/Tower 55 group tours Big R’s structural plate facility

With the addition of our Super•Cor and Ultra•Cor Structural Steel Plate to AREMA’s Guidelines, their Roadway & Ballast Technical Committee were keen to organize an educational event on structural plate bridges at Big R’s Mansfield, TX facility. The event was combined with a tour of the $104 million “Tower 55” megaproject in Fort Worth, which is one of the most critical rail improvement projects in North America.

Railway big. Railway strong.
With their huge clearance boxes and the ability to handle massive rail loadings, structural plate bridges are excellent alternatives to traditional construction methods for railway crossings. In addition, structural plate can be used to re-line existing crossings and culverts to avoid traffic interruption and site impact.


From raw material to a finished arch — all before lunch
The tour included the process for design, receiving raw material, fabrication, assembly and delivery of structural plate bridge spans. Attendees were able to watch Super•Cor plate sections being rolled from flat steel and they also were able to get up-close-and-personal with an assembled Super•Cor Arch before breaking for a BBQ luncheon.

Also included onsite MSE wall installation and testing demo
The group was also able to see an actual installation and design testing demo of our popular Vist-A-Wall MSE Structural Wall System, just outside the plant.

Attendees included the head of engineering for BNSF and Union Pacific — key partners in Tower 55. Also attending were the bridge director for Kansas City Southern as well as construction and engineering managers from Norfolk Southern and CSX. Many industry professionals from HDR, Burns & McDonnell and Wilson & Company, as well as several manufacturing and service personnel who support the railroad industry, were also able to take in this event.

Big R Bridge was pleased to provide the transportation and luncheon for this event.

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