Our Bridge Quality Difference

Not all bridges are created equal.
Take a look at the Big R Bridge quality difference.

Comparing Big R Bridge quality is like comparing apples and oranges. Take a closer look, to make sure you don’t get a lemon!

In our short Apples & Oranges video (below), we get up close and personal with some key prefabricated bridge quality differentiators like:

  • Welding integrity
  • Mitered end connections
  • Railing attachment
  • Decking installation
  • Mill scale removal
  • Paint quality

Play the Big R Bridge Apples & Oranges Quality Comparison Video

Compare the quality of these two bridges

These two bridges were built for the same customer on the same trail based on the same performance specs. One was built by a competitor. The other was built by Big R Bridge.

Our competitor built the first bridge.


Then, the customer awarded the second bridge to Big R. You can easily see the Big R quality difference.



There are also Big R quality differences you can’t see in the bridges themselves.

The Big R Bridge quality difference extends to other, less tangible factors, like our experience, the quality of the relationship and the process of working together.

Work with an American innovation leader.

  • Supplying prefabricated bridges and custom engineered products for over 45 years.
  • More than 10,000 installations to date
  • Create over 300 bridges a year.
  • All custom engineered to site conditions, and we excel in handling tough challenges.

Save time and money with our accelerated approach.

  • In-house capability to provide design, engineering and fabrication on an accelerated schedule
  • „An engineering team licensed in 49 states, four Canadian provinces and growing
  • „Over 20 bridge solution professionals to serve you
  • „Nationwide shipping from our plants in Colorado, Texas and Virginia
  • Facilities with the capacity to supply large, complex projects

Here are a few customer comments on bridge quality….


“We are very satisfied with the services and product provided by Big R Bridge. You truly understand scheduling and were able to manufacture and deliver the pedestrian bridge ahead of schedule.”

— Monica Heredia, P.E., Project Manager, City of Santa Clarita Public Works Department, CA


“We were extremely pleased with the final product. Big R’s prefabricated steel bridge is a beautiful structure and a centerpiece of Lake Conestee Nature Park.”

—  Drew Gonick, Project Coordinator, Conestee Foundation, Greenville, SC


“The construction of the bridge resembled a well-orchestrated dance, perfectly timed and beautiful.”

—  Teresa Meeks, Director of Support Services, City of Lancaster, SC

Big R Bridge is proud to be involved in the following organizations

Big R Bridge is certified by AISC
Big R Bridge is certified for Bridge Fabrication
Intermediate (Major) with Simple Fracture Critical and Sophisticated Paint Endorsement
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NSBA Badge
National Steel Bridge Alliance Member

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Short Span Steel Bridge Alliance Member
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National Corrugated Steel Pipe Association Member
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Big R Bridge provides LEED certifiable products
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Big R Bridge is CWB Certified
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