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America’s go-to partner for bridges and related infrastructure.

Value-engineered solutions from coast to coast

Big R Bridge is an innovation leader in the design and supply of efficient infrastructure solutions for the transportation, public works, railway, development, mining, energy and forestry sectors. Our product categories include:

Efficient infrastructure solutions that save
By design, our custom infrastructure is easy to ship and install with minimal equipment and labor requirements, making it ideal even in remote locations.

Over 45 years of adding value
Big R Bridge has been adding value to North America’s most successful infrastructure projects for over 45 years. We’ve handled more than 10,000 installations to date and manufacture over 300 bridges a year. Our Technical Sales and Engineering Teams are well-positioned to work with you through every project phase to ensure successful outcomes.

Simplify your projects with with our accelerated approach
We have the in-house capability to provide design, engineering and fabrication on an accelerated schedule:

  • An engineering team licensed in 49 states, four Canadian provinces – and growing
  • Over 20 bridge solution professionals to serve you
  • Nationwide shipping from our centrally located plants in Colorado, Texas and Virginia
  • Facilities with the capacity to supply large, complex projects

This capability makes us fast, flexible and efficient, and that generates savings that you can pass on to your client. We can jump into your project at any phase, but the earlier we get involved, the more you may save.

Let’s talk about your next project.
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Efficient infrastructure solutions

  • Strong, lightweight infrastructure solutions
  • Easy to ship and install in all seasons
  • Minimal equipment and labor requirements
  • Lower material and installation costs
  • Ideal for remote locations without concrete
  • Custom-engineered to site requirements
  • Limited maintenance and site impact
  • Environmentally-friendly

From a proven project partner

  • Product innovation leadership
  • Complete, value-engineered solutions
  • In-house engineers and technical teams
  • Full design and engineering support
  • Dependable on-site eld service
  • Accelerated design-build specialist
  • Experienced in public/private partnerships
  • Member of the AIL Group of Companies

Big R Bridge is proud to be involved in the following organizations

Big R Bridge is certified by AISC
Big R Bridge is certified for Bridge Fabrication
Intermediate (Major) with Simple Fracture Critical and Sophisticated Paint Endorsement
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NSBA Badge
National Steel Bridge Alliance Member

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Short Span Steel Bridge Alliance Member
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National Corrugated Steel Pipe Association Member
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Big R Bridge provides LEED certifiable products
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Big R Bridge is CWB Certified
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Big R Bridge is certified by the American Welding Society 

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