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Signature Tunable Bridge installed in just three nights

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Big R recently installed a pedestrian version of The Tunable Bridge™ in Littleton, Colorado, just west of Denver. The bridge was part of a major intersection upgrade designed to reduce traffic congestion and enhance pedestrian/cyclist safety around Wadsworth Avenue.

Delivered in four sections for quick erection

This H-style truss structure was manufactured and delivered in two sections for field assembly prior to final placement. The arches were also shipped in two sections for field erection once the truss assembly was set. The complete installation took place in just three nights, incurring only a minimum of traffic disruption to the busy connector.

This bridge included a 154.5’ clear span, with a 10’ wide, pour-in-place concrete deck, but the optional roof was not selected. Signature curved safety mesh panels enclose the outer edges of the bridge. A customized paint scheme highlights the gracefully curving arches and mesh panel supports, while the platforms at either end are accented with sail-like sunscreens to make this project truly a Signature for the community.

Big R Bridge worked very closely with the consultants to provide the optimal structure depth and width required for the approach elevations and trail width.

The Tunable Bridge – clear spans of up to 400'

Exclusive to Big R, The Tunable Bridge™ is a structural hybrid that combines the physics of a hinged tied arch system with any standard steel truss system or girder superstructure and features an innovative adjustable “tuning” system to balance the live and dead loads between the arches and trusses. The resulting design is lightweight, easy-to-install and allows for more-graceful, longer-span bridges at a reduced cost. Ideal for traversing major transportation corridors or difficult terrain, spans can reach up to 400'.

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Civil Consultants:Felsburg Holt & Ullevig

Structure Consultant: Jacobs


Big R Innovative Engineered Solutions

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Big R Tunable Bridge

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