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Big R solution is a perfect stand-in for historic movie set landmark


An historic, but decaying, timber overpass bridge in Edwards, Mississippi had made the town famous as a set for the final scenes of the Coen brothers’ film O Brother, Where Art Thou? starring George Clooney. So, when the call went out to replace it, there were obvious sensitivities.

The plot was complex. Class I railway, Kansas City Southern, needed to upgrade their line speeds and prepare clearances for a future second line. But the town wanted to still have a visual landmark and not impact adjacent historic properties. The new bridge had to both minimize approaches and maximize clearances.

Speed and cost-effectiveness were major requirements

It also had to be economical and fast to install with minimal road or rail traffic interruption. All agreed that the best fit was a turn-key, design-and supply solution from Big R Bridge. Clearly a natural for this role, a rugged, but rather good looking, Super•Cor Arch was cast for the part.

In the tight space, Big R’s Stabilized Earth Wall System with Pre-Cast Fascia was perfect in a supporting role for the head and wing walls. A heritage paint finish and an adobe brick form liner delivered the special effects the town wanted. And the project was able to use local contractors and backfill material to further reduce the cost. The reviews? A strong two thumbs up from all ‘players’ involved.

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