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Big R’s versatile railway infrastructure products are easy-to-install and low-maintenance. 

Crude Oil Hub - Epping, ND(250)
COLT Hub trains rolling on Super•Cor structure
North Dakota’s oil boom is taking off but, with no pipeline in the area, large infrastructure developments are needed “yesterday” to get the crude to the refineries and markets. And, the COLT Hub is no exception.

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50' Super•Cor Bridges angle in on budget to support double track load
When a new rail spur had to cross a protected Southern Indiana stream to deliver coal to a thermal generating plant, minimum structural depth, a skewed alignment and heavy storm flows were the critical constraints.

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Steel bridge easier and less costly than its concrete twin
Way out in Wyoming, there’s a tale of two bridges that bears telling. These bridges sit tightly, side by side, each spanning the same distance on parallel rail spurs. Each doing the same job of allowing vehicular traffic to pass under heavy coal trains enroute to the load-out facility at the generating plant.

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Big R Fort Collins Image1 web(1) 175' bridge connects rapid transit and recreational trail systems
The City of Fort Collins, CO, recently developed a new MAX Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system and a handsome new Big R Bridge is providing a key interface with the Mason Corridor, a comprehensive bicycle/pedestrian trail system that links to many of the City’s amenities.

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DC trail bridges feature FRP composite decking
In Washington, DC, The Anacostia Riverwalk Trail serves as a 20-mile backbone of the riverfront, connecting residents, visitors and communities to the river and numerous commercial and recreational destinations.

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Sound Wall benefits stack up for new WMATA test track facility
Sound Wall benefits stack up for new WMATA test track facility
The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) is constructing a $66 million test track, commissioning and parking garage facility near their maintenance yard in Greenbelt, Md, with our economical AIL Sound Walls getting the nod for their sound barrier solution.

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Alabama1index Reaching out to the Alabama River in Montgomery
A 125-foot Big R Pedestrian Bridge was recently installed as part of an intermodal project in Montgomery, AL, connecting a new intermodal facility's parking deck to the downtown area

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rail-index Big R arch is a perfect stand-in for historic movie landmark
Big R Bridge's Super•Cor Structural Plate overpass appeases locals and maintains historic aesthetic

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speedscrossing-index Big R bridge speeds construction of new railroad crossing
Big R fabricated a 378-foot railroad bridge for Phase 3 of the Globeville Area Flood Control Project in Colorado

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hub-index Super•Cor supports one of Canada's major highways
The Canadian Pacific Railway faced a challenge when creating a grade separation for trains and trucks heading in and out of their intermodal yard in Kleinberg, ON. Big R had the solution.

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juddphotoshop(webthumb) Big R completes first Super•Cor rail underpass in US
A recent Indiana Rail Road project marks a milestone for Big R’s rail team. It was the first rail underpass built in the US using Super•Cor Structural Steel Plate.

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