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Shoppers give thanks for quick detour bridge install


With a massive overhaul planned for the I-82 Interchange in Union Gap, WA, and with the holidays around the corner, the Washington State Department of Transportation hurried to complete a temporary bridge allowing motorists access to the busy Valley Mall Boulevard.

Keen consumers know that the best time to stock up for the holidays is in the months before, so losing even short-term access to one of the city’s key shopping districts simply wasn’t an option. Apollo, Inc. needed a supplier who could deliver a fast and economical solution and Big R Bridge was the obvious choice. By taking advantage of materials on hand, we were able to speed up fabrication of the bridge. Installation was also completed in just two days.

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Lead time was the primary concern on this project, but Big R engineers love a challenge, and coming up with innovative solutions is what we do best. We had a number of heavy girders already in inventory; so, to meet with the project’s aggressive schedule we value-engineered a bridge design that used fewer, but heavier, girders. This inventive modification meant our team could manufacture the bridge quicker, which allowed the contractor, Apollo Inc. to complete the project in record time. With just one day to set 45,000 lb custom sills, and one day to set the superstructure, the pavers were called in to finish the job.

In just matter of days, it was business as usual on Valley Mall Boulevard, and that’s one more thing to give thanks for during the holiday season.

Owner and Consultant:WSDOT
Contractor: Apollo, Inc.

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