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Super•Cor makes light work of a heavy haul road


Peabody Energy is the world’s largest private-sector coal company. With operations around the globe, Peabody fuels 10 percent of all US electricity.

The El Segundo Coal Company is Peabody’s newest acquisition. To gain access to a remote coal seam, El Segundo needed to move heavy mining equipment across New Mexico’s State Highway 509. Big R Bridge was contracted to provide this solution.

Minimal traffic interruption was key

Our team worked closely with the project consultant, Bohannan-Huston, to design an assembly method that met the Transportation Department's construction standards while maintaining traffic flow. Because Super•Cor structures can be assembled in sections and lifted into place, they are quickly installed, especially when compared to concrete structures.

Super•Cor supports heavy loads

The Super-Cor arch was designed and erected to support a 2.6 million pound mine shovel so strength was essential. Versatile and economical, Big R’s Super•Cor Structural Plate Arch was the perfect solution (47' span, 23' rise, 130' length). Big R Bridge also supplied a headwall using the Vist-A-Walls System.

Owner: Peabody Energy

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Super•Cor Structural Plate combines lightweight construction with superior strength.

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