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Urgent bridge replacement: from site prep to first train in 120 days

Twin Super•Cor Arches  being installed. urgent

The AIL Group was excited to be a partner in an urgent mine site infrastructure project to replace a 60 m span steel girder bridge that had been damaged during severe, “once-in-500-year” flooding. The bridge replacement needed to take place within a 12-month window and, thanks to the concerted efforts of all project partners, it was up and running within eight months.

April 2009: Scoping, Proposals.

Contacted in early April, the consulting engineers investigated the possibility of using Super•Cor Arches for this project which had to be completed by December 1, 2009. Twin Super•Cor Arches were chosen due to very favourable cost, completion time and performance factors.

Late June 2009: Project Awarded.

An order was placed in late June for the Super•Cor product, which was needed by early September. Vist-A-Wall MSE Structural Wall System components had not been ordered yet, as the final design was not complete.

July - August, 2009: Manufacture Super•Cor, Prepare Site.

Detailed design and manufacturing of Super•Cor components took place at AIL’s facility. In preparing the site, the contractor encountered bedrock problems and the project fell slightly behind schedule. Wall design and commercials went well into July and the Wall order was placed on July 24 for a mid-September delivery.

September, 2009: Assemble Super•Cor Arches.

Despite a very tight turnaround time,  the components arrived on time. Both structures were built in less than three weeks, including grouting the ribs, bringing us back on schedule.

October, November, 2009: Walls, Backfill, Railway Construction.

Wall panels arrived on site in mid-September, on schedule. Track-laying crews connected the line on schedule, and the first loaded train went across on time. December 1, 2009: Project Completed.

If a conventional bridge had been chosen instead of the Super•Cor structures, it is estimated that the project would have been extended by at least an additional four months.

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