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Big R Bridge replaces failed timber bridge in Yosemite Lakes


With a focus on protecting the natural environment, Thousand Trails is the largest private system of RV camping and outdoor preserves in America. So, when an aging timber bridge structure collapsed at their Yosemite Lakes Preserve in California, it was critical that the replacement would have minimal environmental impact on the waterway. A custom solution from Big R Bridge was the natural choice.

Park authorities made it clear that they wanted the new bridge to drop into place on the existing concrete abutments and piers with minimal disruption and delay. The engineering teams at Big R designed a two-piece Modular Steel Bridge with a timberdeck and a custom vehicle/pedestrian rail system that snugged into the existing site just perfectly. The bridge (72' 6" long x 20' wide) installed the same day it was delivered, making happy campers out of everyone involved — even the fish!

An added bonus? The new bridge, being made out of high-quality American recycled steel, gave a little extra help to our environment.

Big R Bridge provides LEED certifiable products
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