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Much-needed Pedestrian Bridge


Dramatic erosion had cut a deep channel along Rodeo Creek, part of a 702-acre protected area just west of the Golden Gate Bridge in California owned by the Muir Heritage Land Trust. 

After much study, planners concluded that changes to the creek on a property upstream had changed its hydrology, disrupting creek ecology. Not only did 2,500' sections of the banks need stabilizing, a wide-span bridge was needed to reach across the widening chasm and provide access for pedestrians, cyclists, horseback riders and safety vehicles. Enter Big R Bridge.

Clear span keeps impact on creek minimal.

Working with Project Engineer, Ken Burgess at C. Overaa & Co., in Richmond, CA, and Bob Birkeland, Senior Landscape Architect at RDG, LLC, an elegant Bowstring Truss design, with a naturally-weathering steel finish and a 12' wide cast-in-place concrete deck was proposed. The design offered a clear span without the need for support piers that might impact the creek.

Saving money and the environment.

In keeping with the natural beauty and architectural features of the area, weathering steel develops a vibrant patina that gives a rustic appearance over time. And, since weathering steel does not need to be painted, it saves the Trust future maintenance dollars, as well as saving the environment from impacts related to the manufacture and future removal of volatile organic compounds from oil-based coatings.

Big R Bridge has become one of the leading pedestrian bridge fabricators in the North America. Our pedestrian bridges have been installed from coast to coast for golf courses, resorts, private developers, national parks, national forests, industrial walkways and on state department of transportation projects.

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