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Plate Bridge lets fish go with the flow in Alaska


Alaska, known for its prized fishing heritage, has gone to great lengths to ensure their fish habitats remain intact.

“Our history, present and future quality of life remain tied to the wise use and development of our fish resources and habitats,” says a representative from the Alaska Department of Fish & Game (ADF&G). Thanks to a new Bolt-A-Plate Arch, the salmon are happily swimming throughout Eccles Creek in Cordova, AK.

Bolt-A-Plate chosen for its environmentally-friendly, open-flow design

When the ADF&G identified that the creek’s existing 8' perched culvert was creating a barrier, Big R Bridge’s environmentally-friendly, open-flow design was a natural selection for the project. The new Eccles Creek plate bridge is a Bolt-A-Plate steel arch connected to a full invert and footing plates (span 19', rise 9', length 104'). A temporary culvert was used to divert the water during construction, and the contractor quickly assembled the plate bridge in place after excavation.

The new, wider-span plate bridge reduced the speed of the water flow, allowing the fish to pass through more freely. The project was completed with ease and all parties involved were satisfied – but none more than the salmon.

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