The Grid-Strip Soil Reinforcement System is revolutionizing MSE wall design.

The Grid-Strip System offers total flexibility on wall design and construction. Grid-Strips are easy to ship and store on the job site. Pilings and other obstacles are easily accommodated as the Precast Panels can be ordered with additional anchors and the Grid-Strips can be skewed around them. Unique wall geometries and acute corners are no problem for the Grid-Strip System.

Optional Flip Pin Connector 

With its quick up-turn-and-down insertion,
the Flip Pin Connector speeds up installations, saving time and money. 
pin2 pin1


  • Simplified and standardized soil reinforcing strip
  • Saves time and money on labor and material
  • Versatile system easily accommodates obstructions and unique design or geometric constraints
  • The ultimate soil reinforcement for all applications 
  • Made from durable galvanized steel
  • Fewer components simplifies onsite quality control


  • Retaining Walls
  • Headwalls and Wingwalls
  • Bridge Abutments
  • Grade Separations
  • Crusher Ramps/Walls

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