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MSE Wall Systems

Vist-A-Wall Systems is now a Division of Big R Bridge

In a strategic move to pool strengths and provide better service, Vist-A-Wall Systems, a specialist in MSE (Mechanically Stabilized Earth) wall systems, became a Division of Big R Bridge in August of 2013.

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Vist-A-Wall MSE Structural Wall Systems

Save time and money on your next embankment project with retaining wall systems from Big R. These historically-proven, cost-effective systems have minimal equipment and labor requirements and easy to install. They adapt well to curves, angles and steps, and some can reach heights of over 100'.

AIL Vist-A-Wall, Wire Walls, support mountain highway.

Vist-A-Wall Wire Walls

Quick and easy to erect with a variety of finish options for temporary or permanent applications.

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AIL            Vist-A-Walls, Precast Panel Walls, in grade separation project.

Vist-A-Wall Precast Walls

Smooth or textured finish, this system is effective for a wide variety of architectural treatments.

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AIL Vist-A-Walls, Two-Stage Precast Walls, in high settlement            waterfront application.

Vist-A-Wall Two-Stage Precast Walls

Advantageous where excessive settlement is expected but precast panels are desired.

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Reinforcement Options

Reduce installation times with efficient reinforcement solutions from Vist-A-Wall, including: Wire Mesh and Grid-Strip.

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Integrated Structure-Mounted Solutions

AIL Sound Walls can easily be integrated with other structures such as Vist-A-Walls and traffic barriers.

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P12 BtmLft Sante_Fe_Trail, Dallas,TX

Bridge/Abutment Packages

Big R can also provide complete abutment design and all of the materials to deliver a complete bridge package.

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