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Bridge/Abutment Packages

P12 TopLft Rtch Pt2
P12 BtmLft Sante_Fe_Trail, Dallas,TX

Choose from a wide variety of architectural treatments.

Big R can also provide complete abutment design and all of the materials to deliver a complete bridge package.

Save time and money on pedestrian bridge abutments with the fast, flexible and historically-proven Vist-A-Wall MSE Structural Wall System™. Precast panels or wire facing along with galvanized wire soil reinforcement are used to retain the soil mass. This system offers cost savings and shortens the construction schedule compared to traditional cast-in-place abutments.

  • „„Aesthetic complement to bridge structures
  • Custom form liners create unique architectural treatments
  • Precast panels available in a variety of sizes and colors
  • Wall heights can exceed 100'
  • Height increments are 30"
  • Adapts to curves, angles and steps