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THE EDGE Super•Cor Flange Connection

the-edge-four-flange-structural-liner The-edge-super-cor-flange-connection

Revolutionizing structural plate construction methods and application ranges.

THE EDGE Super•Cor Flange Connection is the latest innovation from our research and development teams. THE EDGE allows for better fitting/assembly of plates and construction can be completed from one side, allowing bridge, tunnel or structural shaft liners to be built entirely from the inside.



  • „10 times stiffer and 5 times stronger than traditional steel liner plate
  • Diameters in excess of 25 m/82 ft
  • Custom sizes and shapes available
  • Fabricated elbows
  • Easy to ship, install
  • Accelerated assembly, easier fitting of plates
  • Smaller crews needed, lower installed costs
  • Added safety, structures can be built from one side
  • Facilitates curved structures (horizontal and vertical)
  • Allow for leak-resistant structures
  • Ideal for remote sites
  • Lower cost tank storage option
  • Structures can be dismantled and removed
  • "THE EDGE" is available on our industry proven Super•Cor Structural Steel Plate

Four-Flange Structural Liner lends itself to a variety of applications:


  • Mine Shafts, Vent Raises, Escape-Ways
  • Portals and Canopies
  • Ground Support Structures
  • Relining of Existing Structures
  • Road or Rail Underpasses
  • Heavy Haul Road Arches
  • Stockpile Tunnels
  • Storage Structures
  • Protection Structures


  • Tunnels
  • Vertical Shafts for CSO and Commuter Rail Projects
  • Rail and Road Underpasses
  • Relines of Existing Structures
  • Ground Support and Control
  • Protection Structures
  • Storage Structures
  • Water Intake Structures
  • Bridges
  • Grade Separations

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Saves time and money in assembly
  • More accurate as-built shape
  • Easier and faster install
  • Smaller crews
  • Lower installed cost
Facilitates curved structures (horizontal and vertical)
  • Extends application range
  • Eliminates mitered connections for some applications
Allows for leak-resistant structures
  • Gasket installed between flanges allows for leak-resistant construction
  • Lower cost tank storage construction
  • Can be moved and re-used
Provides added strength to plate structures
  • Can reduce the need for reinforcement ribs, etc.

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