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Weathering Big R Bridge Pedestrian Bridges

Custom bridge solutions for today’s pedestrian and leisure needs.

With a large variety of designs and truss styles to select from, Big R Pedestrian Bridges have been the top choice for many municipalities, transportation authorities, light rail companies, golf courses, resorts, private developers, national parks and private industries for many years.

Pedestrian Bridges can often be installed in one day, using local crews and on-hand equipment – saving you time and money in the process. From the smallest trail bridge to expansive pedways, we have your Pedestrian Bridge solutions.

We have your bridge.

Whatever your requirements, Big R has the right bridge for your particular site and application. Big R Pedestrian Bridges are available in many different styles. Choose from one of the options below or speak to one of our local bridge specialists to learn more.

Standard Styles

Underhung Floor Beam RtchUnderhung Floor Beam
When clearance below the bridge is critical, this parallel chord style offers the shortest superstructure depth. An Underhung truss has its floor beams welded to the bottom of the bottom chords. It’s best suited for pedestrian bridges with spans up to 70', but is available in spans up to 120'.

H-Sect Fl Beam RtchH-Section Floor Beam

For spans up to 240', the H-Section is often selected for the most efficient superstructure. This parallel chord truss design has its floor beams welded to vertical members of the side trusses. As with all styles, the H-Section can be created with additional camber for a more graceful look.

Bowstring Centerra-Overland Trail RtchBowstring

With elegant top chords arching up from its base, the Bowstring is the perfect combination of visual appeal and design efficiency. Bowstring is available with spans up to 100' in an Underhung configuration and up to 200' as an H-Section.

Modified Bowstring RtchModified Bowstring

Available in similar spans as the Bowstring, the Modified Bowstring is a more economical choice when an arched top chord is desired. The less-pronounced arch still adds some beauty to the superstructure, while keeping the budget in check.

Box Sample - Stevens Creek Trail - Mtn View, CA RtchBox

For grade separations and enclosed walkways, the Box style is the preferred choice as it allows easy attachment of fencing or glazing on the sides and/or top, when required. Numerous architectural screen, roofing and branding options can also be incorporated.


Optional Features

The choices are all yours with Big R.

The palette of features and options is as expansive as the bridges themselves – colors, architectural accents and lighting, decking, railings, roof enclosures, signage and more. Click the Details Tab (above) to learn more.


  • Recreational Trails
  • Highway Overpasses
  • Rail and Light Rail Crossings
  • Elevated and Enclosed Walkways
  • Golf Courses


Bridge Decking
From economical softwood to lightweight composite panels – we have a solution that will work for every situation and every budget.

Softwood Resize




Cast-in-place concrete

Cast-in-place concrete

Bar Grating Bridge Decking Rtch

Bar grating


Composite decking

Fiber-Reinforced Panels, Anacostia Riverwalk Trail Rtch

Fiber-reinforced panels

Safety Systems and Attachments

Whatever the desired look or required function these options will help you to create a safe environment with a sense of style.

Horizontal Rails City of Calabasas, CA_resize

Horizontal rails

Vertical Pickets Resize

Vertical pickets

Mesh Panels and Fencing Crystal Valley Pkwy, Castle Rock, CO

Mesh panels and fencing

Pipe Handrail The Peloton Bridge, Boulder, CO

Pipe handrail

Rubrail West 38th and Inca, Denver, CO


Architectural Lighting Resize

Architectual lighting

Pedestrian Bridges install quickly and provide safe and efficient solutions.

FC LWRR Old Tale Road-Boulder, CO (1) P1 Lft Resize 3
BC Top Resize
P5 Top Resize 2
P5 Btm Resize P9 Top Resize
P9 Btm Resize P13 Btm Santa Fe-MSE Abutments
Big R Bridge Pedestrian Bridges Big R Bridge Pedestrian Bridges
Pedestrian Bridges from Big R Bridge Big R Bridge Pedestrian Bridges
Big R Bridge Pedestrian Bridges Big R Bridge Pedestrian Bridges
Big R Bridge Pedestrian Bridges Pedestrian Bridges from Big R Bridge
352 Pedestrian Bridges from Big R Bridge


The Interactive Specification Generator from Big R Bridge


Save time on your next project. Download our Interactive Specification Generator and complete it yourself or we can do it for you.


Pedestrian Bridges brochure

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