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Prefabricated Bridges

Big R Bridges are economical and easy to install.
Strong, yet lightweight, Big R Bridges are pre-engineered and prefabricated to ship and install quickly with local crews and equipment. Whatever your requirements, Big R has the right bridge for you.

Not all bridges are created equal. See how Big R raises the bar on quality at big-on-quality, where we get up-close-and-personal with some key fabrication differences.
Big R Modular Steel Pedestrian Trail Bridge from AIL

Pedestrian Bridges

Custom-designed bridging solutions can be tailored for today’s pedestrian and leisure needs.
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P6 1stLft Rtch

The Tunable Bridge

The Tunable Bridge is a structural hybrid with clear spans of up to 400'.
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Big R Bridge Vehicular Modular Bridges

Vehicular Modular Bridges

Can be placed in one day with locally available equipment, reducing installation costs and road closure time.
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Big R Bridge Truss Bridges

Vehicular Truss Bridges

Accelerated solutions in a variety of attractive truss styles.
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Big R Portable Detour Bridge section being installed

Portable Detour Bridges

All-steel, modular bridges that can be erected quickly and easily moved to other locations.
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Golf Course Bridges

Golf Course Bridges

Prefabricated golf cart bridges for quick installation and aesthetic appeal.
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P12 BtmLft Sante_Fe_Trail, Dallas,TX

Bridge/Abutment Packages

Big R can also provide complete abutment design and all of the materials to deliver a complete bridge package.


Weathering Resize for Finishes


Big R Bridges are renowned for their high-quality finishes.
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