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Versatile AIL Sound Walls keep NH Wal-Mart project on track

November 13, 2014

Wal Mart 1 

AIL Sound Walls provided welcome relief from both interim construction noise and ongoing commercial traffic noise as a new Wal-Mart came to a new retail center in Seabrook, NH.

Single-source solution saves

Tight timelines and tight working conditions required the phasing of multiple trades and utility work to complete construction before seasonal paving plants closed. To save time and money, Big R Bridge brought in an installation partner to provide a turnkey package for design, supply and installation of this Tuf-Barrier (Reflective) solution.

Variable site conditions and mounting requirements

This site had it all, including berms, swales, cast-in-place walls, and curb lines, which put AIL Sound Walls’ versatility to the test – employing multiple post anchoring and mounting systems.

A field drainage survey was needed for final post layout in multiple locations. Quick collaboration between our installer, the contractor’s survey crew, and the project’s consulting engineer kept the installation on track and ensured that all requirements for the multiple types of installations were met.

Wal Mart 2

A post-project site walk with the owner’s representative and the consulting engineer, provided positive feedback on construction and appearance. And, no news from the adjoining residential neighbors was taken as good news on the sound barrier’s success.

Wal Mart 3

We’ve done several Wal-Mart projects in the past couple of years and they've continued to use AIL Sound Walls as their sound barrier of choice for a long-lasting, maintenance-free system that gives them and their neighbors peace-of-mind and a quiet environment.

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Project Name: Seabrook Commons Sound Barrier Walls
Location: Seabrook, NH
Owner: DDR Corp.
Engineer: Vanasse Hangen Brustlin, Inc.
Contractor: C.J. Mabardy
Product: AIL Sound Walls, Tuf-Barrier (Reflective)
Application: Commercial Loading Docks Noise Abatement
Dimensions: 12' high x 1,260' long
Installation Time: Three weeks