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Versatile Vist-A-Walls show their stuff in LRT project

September 23, 2015


Vist-A-Walls and our in-house engineering team demonstrated their versatility in support of the new, five-mile LRT line that connects Calgary, Alberta's downtown core with communities to the west. 

Adapting to change in design-build projects 

Mid-install design changes are characteristic of design-build projects and this project was no different. In addition to the original project quadrupling in size, a number of requirements changed mid-install, such as new barrier/bridge loads, elevations and backfills. We worked diligently with our design-build partners (SLG Joint Venture) to react quickly with solutions to keep the project moving.


Product versatility
The project included an LRT approach retaining wall, LRT/roadway bridge abutments with integrated stairways, stand-alone retaining walls and a two-stage wall with cast-in-place face for a pedestrian bridge crossing Bow Trail. Most walls featured Precast Panels with Ashlar Stone Texture and the others had our wire wall system with connections for cast-in-place concrete.

The Big R Bridge “Added Value Factor”
SLG’s original scope of work was for about 5,300 square feet of MSE walls. However, after working together and AIL proving its partnership value through provision of excellent on-site technical expertise and in-house engineering support, SLG increased the scope of work by an additional 16,100 square feet. 

Project at a glance:

Name: Calgary West LRT Walls and Abutments
Location: Calgary, AB
Owner: City of Calgary 
Engineer/Contractor: SLG Joint Venture (SNC-Lavalin Constructors (Western) Inc. and Graham Construction) 
Product: Vist-A-Wall MSE Structural Wall System (Precast Panel and Wire Faced)
Application: Retaining Walls and Abutments for Elevated LRT Line
Dimensions (Area): Approximately 21,500 square feet 
Design Parameters: 100 year design life


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