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Vehicular truss bridge is one of Oregon’s largest

November 7, 2011

muddy1(170b)When torrential rains washed out the existing concrete Muddy Fork Bridge in the Mt. Hood National Forest, the owner specifically wanted a steel truss bridge for higher clearance and aesthetic reasons. Big R had the perfect solution.

A section of the original bridge approach was washed out and a temporary construction detour bridge (smaller photo) was put in place joining the remaining bridge section with the opposite embankment.

muddy1(250)Go big or stay home

At 172’, this multi-lane vehicular truss design is one of Oregon’s largest. Big R vehicular truss bridges are able to reach spans of up to 240' and they are engineered to achieve demanding vehicle loads at greater speeds.

Big R’s vehicular truss bridges offer an ideal prefabricated solution for counties, cities and other government agencies looking for a highly-functional vehicular bridge with old-style aesthetics and architecture. They can be installed on an accelerated schedule — much faster than traditional bridge structures.

Vehicular truss bridges offer a versatile solution      

  • Spans up to 240' (most economical between 130' and 240')
  • Widths up to 30'
  • Multiple finishes available – painted, weathering steel and galvanized
  • Flexible decking options – wood, precast concrete, asphalt, grating, etc.
  • Fully designed to AASHTO specifications by a licensed Professional Engineer
  • Sidewalks and utility corridors can be added to enhance use

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Owner: Mount Hood National Forest
Consultant: OBECConsulting Engineers
CP Construction, LLC
Product: Vehicular Truss Bridge (15' truss depth, 27'9" width, 172' length)