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US 190 mural wall honors Fort Hood soldiers

February 6, 2013

Forth-Hood(web)As part of major upgrades to US 190 near Killeen, TX, our Vist-A-Wall team contracted to design and supply a set of abutment walls for an overpass. The precast concrete mural walls feature images of soldiers, helicopters, tanks and other military vehicles in tribute to the soldiers who serve at nearby Fort Hood.

The aesthetic requirements for the project specified a continuous, low relief, three-dimensional mural to be cast into the panels’ Fractured Fin texture.

Special care required with panel logistics

The mural was very detailed, so our in-house engineers and draftsmen worked closely with our precast partner, Speed Fab-Crete, to ensure that the wall was built exactly as the architect had envisioned it.

  • TxDOT provided an AutoCAD file of the mural, which was then overlaid with our wall design.
  • Each mural panel had to be individually detailed and numbered to make the complete mural.
  • The panel detail was then plotted out on full size paper.
  • The full size plot was then used to fabricate hardwood cut-outs of the 
mural image.
  • The hardwood cut-outs were then placed over the Fractured Fin form liner bases to produce the negative smooth areas that helped achieve the desired mural design effect.

No panels were cast incorrectly, and the project team expressed their appreciation for how easy it was for them to identify and place the correct panels in the correct locations thanks to our drawings and delivery coordination with our precaster. 


Project Name: 
US 190 
Location:  Killeen, TX
Owner: Texas Department of Transportation
Contractor: James Construction Group
Precast partner: Speed Fab-Crete
Type of Product/Application: Vist-A-Wall MSE Structural Wall System (Precast Panel Walls)
Area: 7,000 SF
Installation time: 3 months (start to finish)