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Truss Bridge galvanizes working relationship with contractor

November 26, 2015

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The old Pucker Street Bridge was a rural single-lane river crossing with a curb-to-curb width of only 12', no safety railings and sharply curving approaches. The new bridge from Big R is a full 27' wide and made from strong and long-lasting galvanized steel trusses.

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Winning combination: design, manufacturing and service
We were happy to be sought out by project contractor, New England Infrastructure (NEI), having recently completed a successful project together in Lowell, MA. Time was very tight on this one and NEI knew that our turn-key capabilities could provide comprehensive engineering services and highly-automated fabrication – all under one roof, offering tight controls and fast turn-around. They were also familiar with our thorough on-site support services. 

Galvanizing a working relationship
That famiiarity was an added comfort as there was a delay in the the awarding of the general contract on this project, leaving only eight weeks to design, manufacture and deliver the bridge. This included galvanizing over 820 components and 4,200 connectors – most of which were pre-assembled at our Abingdon, VA facility before shipping.

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We sent a production leader to the job site to assist in assembly and installation of the bridge. The above images show the trusses being placed on the newly-constructed concrete abutments and the deck cross members being hung. The bridge was opened ahead of schedule and the NEI, Big R relationship is already continuing on a new project in Salisbury, CT.

Video Clip of Truss Being Placed »


Name: Pucker Street Bridge Replacement
Location: Coventry, CT
Owner: Town of Coventry   
Engineer: WMC Consulting Engineers   
Contractor: New England Infrastructure    
Product: Prefabricated Bolted Vehicular Truss Bridge  
Application: River Crossing
Dimensions: Span 98' x Width 27' 

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