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Tight deadlines and heavy loads for new aggregate plant

February 25, 2011
thumb_full_1288801739_DSC09646Mellott Company is a contract crusher and screener for Maryland Materials, a major aggregate supplier in the Mid-Atlantic region. With aggregate demand on the rise, Maryland Materials needed even more production capacity; and, Mellott had to expand quickly by developing a new, state-of-the-art aggregate plant in North East, MD.

Turnkey solutions and speed are required

The new plant project included constructing a crusher wall and installing two new reclaim tunnels, each with multiple hopper openings. To complete the job, Mellott needed a partner that could provide a turnkey solution with a very quick turn around. Big R Bridge was the logical choice based upon our prior experience designing and manufacturing reclaim tunnels and crusher walls.

During the preliminary stages of the project, Mellott’s engineers worked closely with Big R’s engineering and fabrication departments. Our team manufactured two 12' diameter stockpile tunnels using our Bolt-A-Plate structural plate product (one 12' tunnel 164' long with a 72' tall stockpile, and one 12' tunnel 136' long with a 64' tall stockpile), five reinforced hoppers, and two bulkheads. In addition to the tunnels, we also provided a 37' tall crusher wall with a total area of approximately 3,700 sf. The final product Big R provided was a 321' corrugated steel pipe escape tube, which included several pre-manufactured fittings for ease of installation in the field.

Stockpile tunnels and wire walls are pre-assembled for fast installation

Pre-assembly and on site assembly were key components to completing this project on time. Big R pre-assembled many of the components before they arrived on site. Those that couldn’t be pre-assembled were put together on site. The assembly of the tunnels with reinforced hopper openings and bulkheads took approximately seven days to build. The crusher wall was installed and backfilled in less than three weeks.

Even with a relatively short timeline for this project, Big R’s experience allowed us to keep pace easily. Our team proved once again that Big R’s mine site solutions are industry-leading.

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