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Texas water district saves more with DIY solution

April 20, 2012

Rogers(250)When the Tarrant Regional Water District, near Fort Worth, needed a pedestrian trail stream crossing for an outfall into the Trinity River, they had one important request – the solution offered should include using their own engineering and construction personnel to help save time and money. They were pleasantly surprised to find out Big R offered this solution along with onsite assistance.

Dur•A•Span Structural Aluminum Plate

A lightweight Dur•A•Span Structural Aluminum Plate Box Culvert was recommended for this project, which also provides service vehicle access for the owner. The structure was beveled to accommodate the set back for the modular block headwall. 

We were onsite during assembly and at the initial stages of placing the concrete footings and invert and were able to provide ample field assistance with the structure being installed only 40 miles from our Fort Worth facility. Word on the street is that Big R’s competition used this project in their own presentations because of the great job the owner did on the headwall and outfall treatments. 


Dur•A•Span Structural Aluminum Plate Products are lightweight, strong and corrosion/abrasion resistant. Our innovative reinforcement rib technology allows spans exceeding 40'. Virtually maintenance-free and with a design service life of 75+ years, Dur•A•Span is a cost-effective choice that has been proven in over 1,000 structures worldwide.


Owner, Consultant, Contractor: Tarrant Regional Water District 
Dimensions: Span 16'6", Rise 8'6", Length 46'
Installation time (start to finish): Three weeks

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