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Super•Cor / Vist-A-Wall detour bridge tucks into I-95 median

May 17, 2017


When the Massachusetts Department of Transportation was faced with replacing aging I-95 bridges over Attleboro’s busy North Avenue they needed a detour bridge solution that could be installed fast — make that very fast.


Arch assembled over a weekend 
With a high school located on one side, North Avenue could only be shut down on a weekend. However, that was just the right amount of time for our Super•Cor structure to be assembled, torqued and keyway-grouted to be ready for traffic to resume on Sunday night.

Construction of the wire wall headwalls and backfilling took place without further road closures. The buried arch bridge used as a temporary structure will carry I-95 traffic north when the northbound bridge is under construction, then south when the southbound bridge is under construction.

Wider clearance box accommodates skewed roadway and sidewalks 
The narrow median between the bridges was obviously a tight site. The low elevation and skewed angle of the grade separation added to the complexity of the structure design. Big R Bridge worked closely with J. F. White Contracting and their consultant to ensure that all of the geometrical constraints were met. Our Low-Profile Arch provided a wider clearance box for two lanes of traffic and two sidewalks to pass under it — as well as some extra length for three lanes of interstate traffic to pass over it.


Full-cycle support began even before the bid
Big R helped pave the path to a successful project outcome prior to the project being bid. Early on, we provided preliminary engineering and product support, allowing J. F. White to be confident in using our Super•Cor as their structure of choice at bid time. Time-saving steps — including pre-planning meetings, several iterations of conceptual plans, pre-ordering materials, fast producton response after materials approval and on-site assistance — all played a role in ensuring a successful project from beginning to end.

J. F. White representatives commented on how their Super•Cor structure selection was an advantage at bid time. We also received kudos for our ability to bring partners and resources to the table as needed.

Project at a glance:

Project Name: I-95 Over North Avenue

Location: Attleboro, Massachussets
Owner: Massachusetts Department of Transportation 
Contractor: J. F. White Contracting Co.
Product: Super•Cor Arch and Wire Walls used as Temporary Structures
Application: Detour Bridge
Dimensions: Span 56.5', Rise 17.75', Length 50'
Installation time: One day to assemble, one day to grout keyway and torque bolts