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Super•Cor rail overpass makes a grand entrance at Nebraska facility

September 25, 2015


Road traffic approaching the new 81-20 Grain Terminal near Randolph, Nebraska, passes through a handsome rail loop overpass made from a Super•Cor Arch and Vist-A-Wall MSE Structural Walls — both from Big R Bridge.


Good-looking and hard-working!
The structure completes a well-thought-out architectural statement with its graceful shape and colored stone finish on the walls and trim that coordinate with the river stone landscaping, concrete roadway and signage treatment. But, it also gets a big job done — supporting heavy 110-car train loads. In fact, Super•Cor’s strong corrugation profile can handle multiple lanes of E-80 rail traffic with the added benefits of a 50' clear span and only 33" of cover.  

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A more environmentally-friendly choice
In addition to this solution being more economical than a span bridge, the Super•Cor/Vist-A-Walls structure was also favored because it did not require deep foundations and made less impact on an environmentally-sensitive portion of the site. 

super-cor-arch-structural-plate rail-infratsructure-solutions

The project was delayed due to permits and the owner’s issuance of contracts, but we  streamlined our processes in the plant and had all material on site within weeks. The owner has used images of the entrance structure in marketing materials and feels it is an attractive benefit to their brand image.

RR Structure


About 81-20 Grain LLC
Located at the intersection of Highways 81 and 20, the new 5-million-bushel shuttle loader grain elevator is a joint venture by Central Valley Ag (CVA) and Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM). 81-20 Grain LLC handles corn and soybeans from regional farmers, primarily for transportation by BNSF shuttle trains to export markets via the US Gulf Coast, Pacific Northwest and Southwest. 


Name: CVA Randolph - Industrial RR Crossing
Location: Randolph, NE
Owner: 81-20 Grain LLC, a Joint Venture between Central Valley Ag (CVA) and Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM) 
Engineer: Olsson Associates   
Contractor: Hawkins Construction Company   
Product: Super•Cor Arch  
Application: Rail Overpass
Dimensions: Span 50' x Rise 17' 
Installation time: Two Months