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Custom, stone-textured design reflects Colorado Springs terrain

December 14, 2012

Colorado-Wall(web3)Proby Parkway, the main thoroughfare serving the Colorado Springs airport, makes an important first impression with Pikes Peak looming in the background. An attractive aesthetic treatment for their grade separations was key. 

The project called for a very intricate design with striations of varying stone textures, set at a diagonal using a natural-toned, painted precast to match the surrounding landscape. Vist-A-Wall Systems stepped up to the challenge.

Engineering flexibility and design creativity

Known for our engineering flexibility and design creativity. Vist-A-Wall Systems was a natural choice for the project, which included over 30,000 sf of area in 19 separate wall structures.


Unique form liners were designed by Vist-A-Wall Systems and applied to the precast panels.  Because of the orientation and dimensions of the desired patterns, over 24 unique form liners were needed.  

It was worth the effort. The aesthetic pattern went together without a hitch and provided an outstanding effect.

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Owner: City of Colorado Springs; Pikes Peak Rural Transportation Authority
Consultant: N/A
Contractor: Ames Construction
Type of Product: Vist-A-Walls Precast Panel Walls
Dimensions: 30,000 sf Total of 19 unique walls