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New bridge ends ‘ROAD ENDS’ stalemate in SC

July 7, 2015

Nursery Rd - Before  River-crossing-vehicular-truss-bridge

About 30 years ago in Lexington County, SC, the old Nursery Road Bridge was removed after a long series of maintenance disputes and lawsuits. Since then, the ‘ROAD ENDS’ signs have become iconic symbols for decades of delays and longer-than-necessary drives, endured by local residents. It was time for those signs to come down.

Modified Bowstring ties communities back together.
Once the decision had been made to reconnect the two sides of the waterway, a 150 foot Modified Bowstring Pratt Truss Bridge with sidewalk – was soon prefabricated and delivered in 6 sections – from Big R Bridge’s Abingdon, VA facility.


The old bridge site was over a dam spillway and the existing abutments had to be retrofitted in preparation for the new bridge. When the bridge arrived, the sections were assembled on site and the bridge was lifted into place in just a few days, with everything fitting perfectly.

Caught in the act…

By chance, the Google mapping satellites caught the crews in the act of adding the steel decking panels on this installation. You can see the dam’s spillway below the bridge.


Heavy-duty capability with a classic look.
Big R’s Vehicular Truss Bridges offer accelerated prefabricated solutions that are ideal for counties, cities and other government agencies that desire a highly functional vehicular bridge with old-style aesthetics and architecture. We offer multiple decking options, sidewalks and finishes to meet the most unique bridging needs.

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Fly-through animation featuring Nursery Road Bridge


Name: Nursery Road Bridge
Location: Columbia, SC
Owner: Lexington County, SC  
Engineer: Michael Baker Jr., Inc. formerly LPA Group Inc. 
Contractor: Cherokee, Inc.
Product: Vehicular Truss Bridge
Application: River Crossing
Dimensions: 150' long x 28’ wide