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Kansas crossing spurs high grades from all sides

September 17, 2014

2010-03955 Kansas City Light & Power - Lacygne, KS 002

A signalled level crossing had been holding up traffic and impacting safety on a BNSF Railway spur feeding the La Cygne Generating Station, south of Kansas City. Motorists and railway workers alike gave it a failing grade.

Super•Cor/Vist-A-Walls style of crossing came recommended

The spur ties into one of Kansas City Southern’s main north/south lines, and BNSF colleagues at KCS had recommended this type of corrugated steel plate with an MSE wall solution. When all was said and done, the new crossing was given an A+ from all parties. 

The new grade separation provided motorists with increased safety and convenience by eliminating the level crossing (and a mile of roadway) and long delays while the coal hopper cars were unloading. Plus, the owner is now able to provide safer working conditions for their expanding facility.


Super•Cor Structural Steel Plate ­– versatile and economical

Produced at our Mansfield, TX facility, Super•Cor Structural Steel Plate combines the advantages of lightweight construction with the superior strength and durability of deep-corrugated, galvanized steel to create some of the world’s largest corrugated metal structures. Not only is Super•Cor the most versatile and economical corrugation on the market, it is also the most internationally accepted and widely used.

Vist-A-Wall MSE Structural Wall System – great at complex geometry and good looking

The project had a tricky alignment because of the way the road angled with the rails. Plus, the owner wanted the look of concrete headwalls without their extra time and cost. Our Vist-A-Wall MSE Structural Walls offered the perfect solution. They easily adapted to complex angles, steps and curves of this application. Precast Panel Walls were used for the headwalls, while Wire Walls, with matching-toned cobblestones at the face, were used for the wingwalls.

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Project Name: Kansas City Power & Light - RFP 43868 Steel Bridge
Location: La Cygne, KS
Owner/Engineer: Kansas City Power & Light   
Contractor: Kissick Construction Company
Product: Super•Cor Arch with Vist-A-Wall Headwalls and Wingwalls (Precast Panel and Wire)
Application: Railroad Overpass
Arch Dimensions: 53' Span x 27.5' Rise x 75' Length