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Flexibility saves bridge design after washout

Mere months after Big R Bridge was awarded a contract to replace a worn out crossing over Cooke Creek in Ellensburg, WA, severe flooding destroyed the existing bridge and altered the creek embankment making the original bridge and footings design unfeasible.

Bridge-replacement(250)Would the purchased bridge be rendered useless?

With the new bridge already ordered, and the installation date getting closer, county officials worried that the bridge replacement project would be delayed. Big R’s engineering team was forced to make some quick alterations to salvage the existing design.

Quick collaborative action was key

A full redesign would have resulted in unwanted delays and additional costs, so Big R collaborated with Kittitas County Engineer, Doug D’Hondt, to develop an innovative solution.

By revising the footings and incorporating precast panel walls, we were able to save the original bridge design. We also reassessed the placement of the footings to ensure adequate scour protection should another storm occur.

Our team worked closely with Doug and Morgan & Sons Earthmoving to coordinate our fabrication process and delivery with their altered construction schedules. Despite hurdles along the way, the bridge was installed both on time and on budget.

Project Details

Location: Ellensburg, WA
Owner/Consultant:Kittitas County
Contractor:Morgan & Sons Earthmoving
Product: Prefabricated Bridge, 50' x 16' single lane
Application: Creek crossing replacement bridge
Length of install: 7 days