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Custom Vist-A-Walls play supporting role in new Calgary LRT station

March 25, 2015


When Calgary Transit’s Northwest C-Train line was extended past Crowfoot to a new station called Tuscany Station, our Vist-A-Walls were brought in to support a Park-and-Ride, a pedestrian bridge and then some. 

Angled, smooth, textured, split-finished panels – no problem

Custom architectural design requirements for the precast panels on this job were challenging. They called for a custom use of textured, smooth and split-finished panels along a variety of angles. Kudos to our precaster, MSE Precast, who made multiple custom form liners to execute this ambitious design.


Adapting for winter conditions

Unforeseen overall project delays pushed the installation start-up into the winter season. We worked in coordination with the contractor and the owner’s consultant to change the select backfill material and revise our design to suit cold weather construction. 

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 1.01.49 PM  IMG_7058

Adapting to change(s)
Unexpected obstructions and changes to the layout that came up late during the installation presented additional challenges. Most notably, was the request from the City to account for the restored historic Eamon's Bungalow Camp sign that had to be installed on top of the MSE wall. This created additional loading and required a reinforcement design to accommodate the large concrete footings. We worked closely with all parties to provide a revised installation method and identified the work changes needed to keep the project on-time and on-budget.


Change is sign of the times

This LRT station is built on the site of Eamon’s Bungalow Camp and Gas Station, a favorite landmark for tourists travelling between Calgary and Banff for almost 70 years. Built around 1950 in the Art Moderne style, it featured a restaurant and cabins. The main building and its iconic sign remained as landmarks long after the business had closed. Perhaps all those angles and shapes inspired the architect for this station and our walls.

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Project name: NW LRT Extension to Rocky Ridge / Tuscany

Location: Calgary, AB 

Owner: The City of Calgary  
Engineer: AECOM   
General Contractor: Ellis Don  
Wall Sub-Contractor: Wilco Contractors Southwest Inc.  
Product: Vist-A-Wall, Precast Panel Walls (custom finish)

Application: Retaining Wall and Pedestrian Bridge Abutment

Dimensions: 8880 SF