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CSP solution retrofits Texas rail bridge in just a week

August 3, 2016


When a replacement was required for an aging timber bridge weakened by flooding, the Big R Bridge Rail Team was ready with a quick and easy solution.

This was a relief to our counterparts at Texas Pacifico and other members of the design-build team, as our economical Corrugated Steel Pipe solution was installed in just seven days, with very little interruption to the rail traffic. 

Experience in shipping larger truck loads played a role
Our logistics experience with shipping larger bridge sections throughout the US came in to play, as we were able to efficiently ship the pipe sections in 60' lengths, two-to-a-trailer. The longer lengths also eliminated the need for joint connections within the rail bed, which will help to minimize future issues. 

bridge-replacement-corrugated-steel-pipe bridge-replacement-steel-pipe

The 60” pipes were placed in sets between the bridge’s existing wooden piers. The bridge deck and rails remained in service to minimize closure time until final ballast and ties were ready to be placed.


The solution provided the owner with a new bridge crossing with very little impact to the rail schedule and project site.The contractor, JCF Bridge and Concrete, was informed by the owner that they are actively looking for other projects that could benefit from this cost effective solution.

Project at a glance:

Name: Texas Pacifico Bridge Replacement 
Location: Talpa, Texas
Owner: Texas Pacifico 
Design-Build Contractor: JCF Bridge and Concrete 
Product: Corrugated Steel Pipe
Application: Bridge Replacement
Dimensions: Diameter 60", Length 60'
Installation Time: Less than a week