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CO trail volunteers and partners collaborate on remote installation

November 12, 2014
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Known as a very challenging crossing when Leon Creek is running high, fording ATVers often found their machines floating away downstream. Not so, since the Western Slope ATV Association (WSATVA) and their partners installed a new Big R recreational trail bridge. 

With funds provided by the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Off-Highway Vehicle Registration Program, the WSATVA purchased the bridge and worked with other partners to provide the sweat-and-equipment equity to make the creek crossing a success.

Components transported nine miles into site

With equipment from private companies, the Bureau of Reclamation, the US Forest Service and Mesa County, the two 30' sections and concrete abutments were transported about 9 miles into the remote worksite where club volunteers assembled the two sections to create the 60' span.

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Lots of donated equipment

The operation involved the full spectrum of heavy equipment including track hoes, skid-steers, front end loaders, a mini-excavator, trail dozers, roller compactors and lots and lots of person-power!

Strictly on the level

Club members used their amateur engineering skills, working with laser levels, transits and tried-and-true manual tape measurements, to help align and install the abutments.

2012-00992 Leon Creek Bridge Grand Junction, CO

Hip, hip, hooray! It actually fit!

As the machines lifted the bridge in place and the steel span settled in with a near perfect level fit, a loud chorus of cheers erupted. The Leon Creek Bridge is now open to hikers, bicyclists and all modes of transportation that are 60 inches or less in width. This new bridge will ensure the safe passage of the recreating public for many years to come.

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Project-at-a- glance

Project Name: Kenny Creek Trail Bridge over Leon Creek 
Location: Near Grand Junction, CO
Owner: Western Slope ATV Association  
Product: Recreational Trail Bridge
Application: Stream Crossing
Dimensions: 60' long x 6' wide
Installation Time: One day