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Bridges part of Washington State’s fish passage recovery program

April 9, 2013

FFFPP Video(web2)Big R Modular Steel Bridges are now part of the very successful, Washington-State-funded Family Forest Fish Passage Program (FFFPP). Since 2003, the Program has partnered with private timberland owners to open hundreds of miles of fish-bearing habitat and Big R Bridge has provided many of the required bridges.

Tightly scheduled “fish window” installations

Each project has to be permitted by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) and installed within a specific “fish window”—the earliest start date and latest completion date for any work that may affect the stream.

Remote locations on narrow, steep roads

The other challenge was in delivery logistics. These sites were deep in mountainous forests with various types of roads and extra care was needed to use the right types of truck, trailer and driver at each site.

“We get lots of good feedback from the contractors about Big R Bridge. They say that you deliver on time, on the right trucks for the site. They also say that you are easy to work with and respond quickly to all inquiries.” - Laura Till Smith, WDFW

“Contractors tell us that you are easy to work with and that your bridges are the easiest and quickest to install.” - Dave Caudill, SFRB

FFFPP Video(web3)

Program helps to improve fish passages

Private forest land owners are responsible for either fixing fish passage barriers on their roads or removing them and abandoning the roads altogether. Under the FFFPP, local conservation districts and other non-profits, like the Wild Fish Conservancy, take care of all engineering, administration and contracting. The projects are built at no cost to the landowners through State funding administered by the FFFPP and the Salmon Funding Recovery Board.

Learn more about FFFPP and see Big R’s Bridges in this video (6:40) »



Project Name: FFFPP Bridges
Location: Western, WA
Owners: Various private timberland owners
Consultant: Lonnie Crumley, Streamworks, LLC 
Contractors: Various local contractors 
Type of Product/Application: Modular Vehicular Bridges, fish passages, stream crossings
Dimensions: 40', 50' and 60' x 14', single lane 
Installation time: One day for each, excluding site prep work