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Box Truss Bridge creates safe school crossing

February 16, 2012

web2(250)Children can finally walk to school safely thanks to the new Big R pedestrian bridge above busy Copper Hill Drive in Valencia, CA — a community of 20,000 high-end homes, abundant green spaces and 30 miles of recreational trails.

Recession shelved bridge project in 2008

Big R originally designed the 190' span bridge in 2008 as part of the massive housing development, but manufacturing was suspended when the region was hit by the recession. Newhall Land, a leading community planner and developer, recently resurrected the bridge project.

Manufacturing accelerated by early design

Our engineering team had finalized the design-phase of the project in 2008, so resuming the manufacturing process was quick and problem-free. We shipped the bridge in three, 63' sections that took only two days to install with limited traffic interruption.   

Big R delivers as promised and secures future contracts

This was the first time Big R’s team had partnered with contractors, C.A. Rasmussen. The contracting firm was pleased with our work, and we’ve since completed other projects together.

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Scope: Design and supply a 190' span Box Truss Pedestrian Bridge
Details: A roofed-in box truss design with concrete decking, vinyl chain-link fencing and our three-coat paint system.  
Location: Valencia, CA
Installation length: Two days 
Owner: Newhall Land Development
Contractor: C. A. Rasmussen, Inc.