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Big R just hangin’ out in Big Sur

February 6, 2013

Big-Sur3(web)Like the many thousands of earthy “flower children” that attended the famous Big Sur Folk Festivals in the 60s and 70s, a new Big R Vehicular Truss Bridge is now just hangin’ out trying to blend in with nature — a task made easier by its naturally-weathering steel finish.

A notable landmark in Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park, in Monterey County, CA, the new bridge was part of the 2012 Entrance and Day Use Development Project at South Camp Road as it crosses Big Sur River to camp and overlook sites.

The Pratt/Modified Bowstring Truss design features a cast-in-place deck and sidewalk and was ordered with a naturally-weathering steel finish to blend in with the park’s beautiful surroundings.

Weathering steel saves money and protects the environment

Big R’s Prefabricated Bridges are available in naturally-weathering or custom-painted finishes. Weathering steel contains elements that allow it to form a protective coating or patina when properly exposed to the atmosphere. Many bridge engineers choose weathering steel for its environmental performance and economical benefits.

  • Big-Sur2(web)Reduced toxic emissions: No oil-based coating is used, which reduces emissions of volatile organic compounds.
  • No contaminated blast debris in habitats: Because the steel is not painted, no periodic maintenance blasting is required.
  • Cost savings of 10 percent or more initially and even more over the life of the structure: No painting and steel’s durability mean reduced costs.
  • Long life and high performance: Weathering Steel has been used on bridges for many decades and performs well in most environments. 


Project Name: Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park Vehicle Truss Bridge
Location: Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park-California
Owner/Consultant: California State Parks 
Contractor: Herback General Engineering, LLC
Type of Product/Application: Vehicular Truss Bridge
Dimensions: 131' x 30'