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Big R Pedestrian Bridge makes for a perfect parking structure skyway

November 13, 2014

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When the North Colorado Medical Center (NCMC) upgraded their on-grade parking to a multi-level 720-car parking structure, a Big R Pedestrian Bridge was prescribed as the best remedy to safely carry staff over Greeley’s busy 16th Avenue.

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A Signature Bridge for the area

The Big R structure became the backbone of a very interesting architectural feature reflecting the design of the new parking structure and adjacent buildings on the NCMC campus. More than just a conveyance, it was truly an architectural statement in steel, glass and masonry.

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Strong, flexible and offering several key benefits

Big R supplied the painted dual spans for the skyway and worked closely with the project team to ensure our prefabricated steel structure accommodated all aspects of the overhead walkway’s design, such as:

•    Architectural lighting, glazing and pier treatments
•    Accessible safety railings
•    HVAC systems
•    Specific decking

The lightweight strength, efficiency and speed of installation make Big R Pedestrian Bridges ideal for crossing multiple lanes of traffic or other major obstacles. They’ve been popping up in a wide variety of applications in healthcare, higher education, hospitality, transportation hubs and mixed-use developments.

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Project Name: North Colorado Medical Center Enclosed Walkway
Location: Greeley, CO
Owner: Banner Health
Engineer: Walker Parking Consultants 
Product: Pedestrian Bridge
Application: Parking Structure Skyway
Dimensions: 247.5' long by 8.5' wide, Two-Span