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Alaskan Super•Cor Box brings a couple of ‘firsts’ for Big R Bridge

February 9, 2016


The recent installation of a Super•Cor Box Culvert in Whittier, AK marked a couple of ‘firsts’ for Big R Bridge. 

While we have enjoyed a great deal of success providing efficient infrastructure solutions to Alaska’s forestry and mining sectors over our 45 years, we had yet to install a structural plate bridge for the public works sector in our northern-most state.

It was also our first project with cold region specialist, PND Engineers. As a Design-Build project, our engineering team worked very closely with them on the site geometry and design requirements.

This project, for the City of Whittier, was to replace two older and failing “perched” culverts that were a barrier to fish passage. The wider, open-bottomed Super•Cor Box was the perfect solution.

super-cor-before-image  structural-plate-culvert-replacement

Short time window with winter approaching 
There were no bid drawings on this project, so we had to prepare our bid with only a couple of photos of the site and an approximate span and rise estimate from the contractor, Alaska Excavating. Nevertheless, Big R Engineering was able to prepare a preliminary design to base our bid on. Once awarded, PND Engineers had a proper site survey done in a few days and we went to work on fine tuning the structure geometry from there. 

Structure assembles in one day
Time was tight and the plate components were manufactured and shipped from our Mansfield, TX facility in record time. Once on-site, the structure was assembled in just one day on the prepared footings. David Alborn, owner of Alaska Excavating, said, "it went together flawlessly." He also indicated that he will be looking for opportunities to work with Big R Bridge on another project soon.

More Super•Cor for Alaska soon?
Super•Cor is a premium, hot-dip-galvanized, deep-corrugated, steel structural plate for larger applications, including box culverts. Not only is Super•Cor the most versatile and economical corrugation on the market, it is also the most internationally accepted and widely used. So, we hope to be seeing more of it under Alaska’s public roadways soon!

Project at a glance:

Name: Shakespeare Creek - O'Neil Rd Culvert
Location: Whittier, AK
Owner: City of Whittier   
Engineer: PND Engineers  
Contractor: Alaska Excavating, LLC
Product: Super-Cor Structural Steel Plate (Box Culvert)
Application: Culvert Replacement
Dimensions: Span 30'4", Rise 7'8", Length 27'6" 
Assembly Time: One day to assemble structure