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Accelerated structures have always been our specialty

November 7, 2011

The year was 1996 and the Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department (AHTD) needed a speedy solution for the Springdale Country Club’s underpass on busy US Highway 71.

US-highway(250)At the time, US 71 through Northwest Arkansas was one of the few North-South routes from Texas to Western Arkansas and Kansas City. Today this section of highway experiences an average daily truck traffic (ADT) of about 37,000 vehicles. An extremely quick design, fabrication, delivery and installation were paramount.

The Super•Cor underpass structure was the most cost-effective engineered solution that could provide the required clearance for golf carts and meet the accelerated construction schedule.

Our first tunnel under a US Highway

The contractor worked around the clock as the 120' long tunnel was built in stages, with two of the five lanes being open at all times. This project was one of the first projects were AHTD utilized a flowable backfill to reduce construction time. The 13' x 8' structure was built with an internal drain system and fitted with brackets and mounts for lighting.

And, as this recent photo shows, sixteen years later the Hayes Biggs tunnel is still supporting heavy traffic volumes while ensuring safe passage for thousands of golfers each year.

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