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Color, style had to be just right on historic White Bridge Road

April 21, 2014

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Residents in Hunterdon County, NJ are very particular about their bridges. Years past when the County suddenly painted their 100-year-old, white bridge on White Bridge Road a standard issue green, they took matters into their own hands one night and re-painted it white.

So when the County needed to replace said bridge, they came to Big R Bridge to ensure that the replacement’s design would resemble the existing bridge, complete with bolted trusses, gusset plates, lattice and, of course, just the right color of white.  

The bridge was upgraded from single-lane to double-lane in order to better handle the load weights of today’s heavier vehicles, like fire engines.

Timely revisions on shop drawings and attention to scheduling detail kept the project running smoothly. The bridge was manufactured in our Abingdon, VA facility and installed in March of 2014 on its new abutments complete with historic, hand-laid beach stone finish.

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Weather permitting the bridge is scheduled to open in early May of 2014.

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Project Name: Bridge F45, White Bridge Road
Location: Franklin Township, Hunterdon County, NJ 
Owner: Hunterdon County, NJ
Consultant/Engineer: Cherry Weber & Associates
Contractor: Kalogridis Contracting, LLC
Type of Product: Vehicular Truss
Application: Stream Crossing
Dimensions: 77.13' x 26'
Installation time: Approximately one week