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78' single-span relieves flooding issues of five-barrel predecessor

October 22, 2013

2010-02465 Jacksonville Conway Bridge - Pulaski County, AR 012, ResizedBig R Bridge recently completed an accelerated project to replace an aging five-barrel concrete culvert with a 78' clear span. The original structure was prone to flooding as debris got caught in the narrow box channels. The existing bridge was structurally deficient with its aging rock abutments and wingwalls that had cracked and were offset.

The owner, Pulaski County Road and Bridge, was looking for a quick replacement that would reduce the flooding and maintenance hassles. Big R Bridge was selected for its proven ability to design and supply a clear-span steel bridge on a tight schedule and budget.

Accelerated methods produce savings

Our in-house team helped the owner and consultant produce designs quickly to save time and costs during the fabrication of the bridge. Plus, our accelerated construction and installation methods reduced the contractor’s time onsite which helped limit their risk, costs for insurance and worker safety.

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Fast installation

At 32', the new bridge was wider than the original and was delivered in three 78' modules, which were quickly set in place on new MSE precast panel wall abutments. The bridge also featured a concrete deck and crash tested guardrails to facilitate overtopping.

Pleased with the results, the owner has since recommended Big R to their peers in other counties and the state highway department.




Location: Jacksonville, AR 
Owner: Pulaski County Road and Bridge 
Consultant: Thomas Engineering Company 
Contractor: Mobey Contractors
Product: Vehicular Modular Bridge
Application: Stream Crossing (Replacement) 
Diameters: Length 78', Width 32'