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50' Maine forestry bridge pleases all – especially migrating salmon

November 18, 2016


When the Atlantic Salmon Federation (ASF) and Project SHARE (Salmon Habitat and River Enhancement) were ready to create a fish passage under a busy forestry connector in eastern Maine, there were a number of concerned stakeholders – the forestry industry, the electric utility, a gas company, The Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) and the US Fish and Wildlife Service. 

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The logging trucks were always rolling on Stud Mill Road. A large power line ran along one side. A gas line along the other. And, naturally, all of the environmental partners were keen on protecting and improving Allen Brook, a headwater tributary of the Narraguagus River. 

All parties needed to agree on the changes to the crossing and the timing of a short closure.

A solution everyone could be happy with 
Big R Bridge offered ASF both prefabricated modular bridge and buried arch bridge options. While the buried bridge had a lower material cost, it required more time to install with greater impact on the fish habitat with a construction water diversion. ASF chose the modular bridge as it was faster, fit in a small footprint and reduced overall costs.


Working closely with ASF, Project SHARE and the engineer from NRCS, Big R was able to provide a cost effective solution within a condensed construction window. The US Fish and Wildlife Service provided on-site technical support. Funding was provided by NRCS, The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation and The Nature Conservancy. 

Project partners big on Big R Bridges
ASF used one of our bridges in the past and NCRS had previously created two designs using our bridges. One, in particular, for the Saco Salmon Club was considered a great success and was presented at the Northeast Agricultural and Biological Engineers Conference. 

“I was initially concerned with installing a ‘bridge’ but, when all was said and done, I was very impressed with the product and ease of installation. I would consider using a Big R Bridge as an option on any stream crossing.”
         – Steven Koenig, Project Manager, Project SHARE 

The design and engineering teams at Big R Bridge have been steadily revolutionizing the stream crossings by developing longer spans that are lower cost, faster to install and able to last for generations to come.

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Project at a glance:

Name: Stud Mill Road over Allen Brook 
Location: Beddington, ME
Owner: Atlantic Salmon Federation 
Engineer: Natural Resources Conservation Service (USDA) 
Contractor: Hanscom Construction 
Product: Modular Bridge 
Application: Fish Passage 
Dimensions: Span 50', Width 16' 
Installation Time: Four days from removal of old structure to wearing surface