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160' bridge completes popular rail trail loop in Manchester, NH

February 5, 2016


After years of planning, fundraising and delays, a new trail bridge now connects two popular Manchester area recreational trail systems across the Piscataquog River. Big R Bridge is pleased to have been selected to design and supply the new 160' span that replaced a deteriorated and decommissioned 1940s railway trestle.

Cambered H-Section Floor Beam Truss Style
This bridge was designed using our H-Section Floor Beam Truss Style, which is one of the most efficient solutions for spans up to 240'. This parallel chord truss design has its floor beams welded to vertical members of the side trusses. As with all styles, the H-Section can be created with additional camber for a more graceful look, as was done in this case. 

Tight schedule had all parties working closely together
The project duration was very short leaving little time for bridge design and fabrication. Continuous communication and close attention to detail between Big R Bridge, the customer, the engineer and the contractor helped the project flow smoothly.

  • We provided the bridge design in a very short time frame.
  • Our drawings were quickly approved by the review engineer. 
  • Our production facility expedited the bridge construction.


A rail line first spanned the river around 1875 and had been replaced several times. The original stone abutments were still in good condition and only minimal modification was needed to accept the new span. The bridge was manufactured at our Abingdon, VA facility and shipped in three truss sections, ready to be assembled on site and lifted into place in one day.

Custom bridge solutions for today’s pedestrian and leisure needs
With a large variety of designs and truss styles to select from, Big R Pedestrian Bridges have been the top choice for many municipalities, transportation authorities, light rail companies, golf courses, resorts, private developers, national parks and private industries for many years.

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Project name: Piscataquog River Rail Trail Phase III-A
Location: Manchester, NH
Owner: City of Manchester, NH    
Engineer: Hoyle Tanner and Associates   
Contractor: T-Buck Construction   
Product: Prefabricated Pedestrian Bridge
Application: Recreational Trail River Crossing
Dimensions: Span 160', Width 8'
Installation time: One day to place the bridge.
Deck was field-installed after to keep the lift-weight down.


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